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Madagascar 3

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain

One of the most popular animated movie is the Madagascar series and they recently released the third instalment. All heroes are animals with strong personalities. This is a movie for children but parents coming with them will certainly have a great time too.

At the center of Madagascar is a group of four friends originally at the Central Park Zoo in New York. There is Alex the lion played by Ben Stiller, Marty the zebra played by Chris Rock, Melman the giraffe played by David Schwimmer and Gloria the hippopotamus played by Jada Pinkett Smith. These four are really close friends with strong personalities and they decide to go back to New York from Madagascar after Alex has a nightmare about getting old. But in order to go back so far they need the help of their friends the penguins, which are in Monaco.

They reach Monte Carlo where the penguins drink coffee and scam the casino, but the four friends fail in their attempt to steal from the casino and they get the animal police to chase them all over Europe from there. They meet a circus crew and the penguins which have a lot of money from gambling in Monaco buy all the animals. This way they hope to disappear. But it is just a new adventure starting and the chief of animal control, Chantal Dubois played by Frances McDormand, is not ready to let go.

The four make new friends with the circus animals; there is Vitaly the Siberian tiger played by Bryan Cranston, Stefano the Italian sea lion played by Martin Short and Gia the jaguar played by Jessica Chastain. These are initially reluctant to help them but they get progressively closer. The problem with this circus is that since the tiger has failed once in his acrobatic demonstration, he has lost his spirit and talent, as well as all the other animals. The gang of four pretend to be also circus animals and so they hope to ressucitate the show.

Even though they lied about their abilities they manage to create an original and magnificent circus show by the end.

This is a very enjoyable movie with plenty of action, excellent graphics, well played animal roles. In particular I like the French lady chasing the animals. She represents the villain but she is more funny than scary. Bring your kids, they will love this movie with a lot of laughs