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As this movie was released already a few months ago, gaining the largest box office ever at over 2 billion dollars worldwide and receiving numerous awards including three Oscars, you already know about Avatar and you probably saw it.

As this blog is about movies but my favorite genre is science fiction as the top logo shows, this post will simply be a list of remarks about the movie to avoid rehashing stuff.

First of all in my opinion this is the best sci fi movie of the decade, and it belongs to the list of the top twenty sci fi movies of all times. I believe the special effects in this movie are  the best ever made in any movie.

James Cameron was able to create a completely fictional world on the moon Pandora in Alpha Centauri star system. In this lush world, flora and fauna coexist in a gorgeous forest and this imaginary society seems totally real because of the marvelous special effects. Is it better to watch the movie in 3D (I tried both versions) which accentuates the power of the images. And the images are truly unbelievable.

There is also a population of tall human-like creatures called the Na’vi who lives on Pandora. This is the first time that alien features have been rendered with such a great realism in a movie. Star Trek, Star Wars or District 9 to name a few have all three had some of the best creations with respect to alien civilized creatures similar to humans, but not as good as the Na’vis. The Navis were computer generated but unlike most, they appear believable on the screen as creatures of flesh and blood.

The animals including flying dragons and wild dogs, the trees, flowers and plants all live in harmony in magnificent colors. The images of the rivers,  villages, mountains, cliffs and the aerial views project you in this imaginary world as if you were there.

The script also has some interesting and unusual concepts. The migration of the mind between different bodies (from two alien species) thanks to technology, rebirth into a different body, a sophisticated natural system that transcends each individual entity through a bio-botanical neural-network, the mental communication between different species through a physical lien.

This is a movie you will not forget so do not delay if you have not seen it yet.