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Rosamund pike

Rosamund pike

Bruce Willis latest movies is an interesting sci-fi thriller, “Surrogates”.

In this not too distant future, a new technology has revolutionized the way human beings live their lives.

It enables them to control human looking robots from their home through the waves of their brains. They use these “surrogates” to act on their behalf while they stay comfortably laying on their couch.

This technology has many advantages. Accidents, murders and wars occur with minimal human casualties as it is the surrogates that are destroyed in case of an accident, not the human “operator” who is perfectly safe. Diseases do not spread easily. And people love to use these gorgeous young looking models instead of their own old skin.

Bruce Willis plays Tom Greer, who is not too surprisingly a cop investigating what appears to be a murder. It seems that by destroying a surrogate, the murderer achieved what was previously  thought impossible: killing its operator. This had never happened before and it put the entire surrogacy system at risk by nullifying its main advantage, protecting human lives.

The main players coming of this original sci-fi thriller are Canter (James Cromwell) the inventor of the surrogate technology and The Prophet (Ving Rhames) who is the leader of the anti-surrogacy movement. Tom Greer lost his son in a car accident and his wife Maggie (Rosamund Pike) has become addicted to her surrogate, never leaving her room herself in person.

Surrogates is a nice addition to the science fiction genre with its good storyline. The concept in itself is rather new, and is an extension of our current society’s trends such as automation, robotization and social networking. The movie is inspired by a five-issue comic book written by Robert Venditti and drawn by Brett Weldele.

For sci-fi aficionados and people who love Bruce Willis like me, you should check it, but it is not the most unforgettable sci-fi movie. The director is Jonathan Mostow who is a good but not great director.

Some of the interesting aspects of the movie are the depiction of a society where people use machines to act on their behalf, and when this social trend leads to unforeseen consequences such as addiction and dependency.

Not expected to be happening soon, this is nevertheless a possibility in human evolution. The surrogates are copies of their operators, but better looking, displaying less emotions and with extraordinary physical capabilities as can be seen in some of the races in the movie.

The message of the movie: Technology will revolutionize our society more then what we expect.

Terminator Salvation

Moon Bloodgood

Moon Bloodgood

Terminator Salvation stars Christian Bale as John Connor, Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright, Moon Bloodgood as Lt. Blair Williams and Bryce Dallas Howard as Kate Connor.

If will not hide that sci-fi is my favorite genre, I think the top logo makes it rather clear. And if I had to make a top ten sci-fi movie list, then “The Terminator” (1984) would probably make it. It find both the special effects and story line to be top of their class, and this is what makes most of a sci-fi movie.

This iconic movie more than deserves sequels. Terminator 2: Judgment day was almost as good as the first one. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, still good but a bit weaker. Now this fourth release Terminator Salvation is an improvement from the third one.

The sad thing is that we lost Arnold Schwarzenegger as he quit acting (action actors do not age well), but he appears in a small cameo in the movie, and that is excellent.

The best side of Terminator Salvation that all sci-fi fans and non fans will love is the special effects. There are robots in all sizes and shapes. The fast motorbikes, the giant human-shaped robots, the spaceships all are amazing.

The storyline focuses on the origin of the T-800 model of Terminators, which are cyborg-types of robots with human appearance made famous in the original Terminator. Skynet, the robotic ennemy of the human race, needs real human tissues in order to create these cyborgs. This is why they must capture human beings and this is what John Connor is trying to uncover.

Marcus Wright is the first ever cyborg. He seems to have appeared from nowhere, thinking that he is human. He was a prisoner on death row in 2003, and this is now 2018.  He meets the beautiful Ltd. Blair Williams after a heated battle against the robots, and she falls for him. But as he walks on a magnetic mine revealing his true robotic nature, he is captured by John Connor’s group.

He manages to escape and the question is which side of his human and  cybernetic nature will prevail to decide the fate of the human race in its war against the robots.

Overall an excellent science fiction movie. It was directed by McG who is not a very prominent director, but did a great job.

The message of the movie: “I will be back.”